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dothack_rps's Journal

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This communtiy centers around the .hack series. It's for people to join and maybe register their RPing LJs of their favorite charater from the series. They may also RP here, but only if they abide the rules.

Those that join this community often can RP together in this journal, however, please be aware that you don't HAVE to join in RPing here, as you can just as easliy RP in MSN with another character, or be a solo RPer.
Basically, this community is used to join characters together to play in The World and write into their RPingLJs of what they did in The World that day/week/etc. In other words, RP logs. ^_^
Character RPs must also be kept within their seires, in other words, Shuugo from .hack//dusk cannot meet Kite from .hack//games because it is impossible in canon, as Kite became a banned character before .hack//dusk and there can only be ONE Kite avatar. Remember, this is only an example though.

The characters from the show and games can only be RPed by one person, so there can't be two Tsukasa's shall we say.
However, you can create a custom character if you wish,m but you will have to make him/her detailed. With character class, level, etc. We also won't allow members of outragous rping mary-sues/gary-stus.
Also, be aware you cannot TELL people how to RP. If they RP in a way you don't like, because they are hooking up with a character you don't like and you don't support that couple, fine. Don't read it. However, to all the RPers out there, please LABEL your entries or RP LG user info if they have yaoi/yuri in it, so people won't stumble onto something they don't like. If the character you REALLY, REALLY want to RP is taken, and you don't agree with the ways the person RPs them, remember that even if you can't RP here, you can still join us and post in the community when your RPLJ is updated and you want people to know. However, these posts will have to be labeled OOC, not IC.

Characters Taken for RPing here-
Kite orange_hack from .hack//games
Elk wavemaster__elk from .hack//games