its a ginbean (ginderpia) wrote in dothack_rps,
its a ginbean


Hello all! Er *poke* Is the place still alive? Hope so. ^_^

Name: Ryuujin
Appearance: Black hair in a waist long braid, black pants, fingerless gloves that reach up to his elbows, a V neckline white shirt and a brown belt around his waist at an angle that holds a sword. He has knee armor and sea green eyes (If anyone cares)
Type: Blademaster
Level: 19
(?) Personality: Likes to act myserious at times, but is mainly a cheerful, upbeat guy, he knows his fair share of info about 'The World', but as things go, he's a basic newbie, just running around killing stuff for the heck of it. He can be serious when nessecary however.

Uh, let me know if I need to add anything else. *sweatdrop*
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